Garden Basics with Farmer Fred

067 How to Plant a Fruit Tree. Best Blueberry Varieties. Frost Protection Tips.

December 25, 2020 Fred Hoffman Season 1 Episode 67
Garden Basics with Farmer Fred
067 How to Plant a Fruit Tree. Best Blueberry Varieties. Frost Protection Tips.
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If you live in the West or the South, Perhaps Santa left you some new bare root fruit trees. Back East or up North, maybe it will be the Easter Bunny making those deliveries.
Wherever you live, we have tips for planting bare root fruit trees, those six foot tall bare sticks with pretty pictures attached, arriving this winter at nurseries and garden centers (just in case Santa and the Easter Bunny don’t come through for you).
Also, which blueberry plants are right for you?
Phil Pursel of wholesale grower Dave Wilson Nursery has some ideas about that. 
And, for those of you nursing tender plants through frosty nights, what are the best ways to protect sensitive plants such as citrus trees and succulents? Our favorite retired college horticulture professor, Debbie Flower, talks about the good ways, and the not-so-good ways of offering your plants a few degrees of protection on freezing nights.

It’s all on Episode 67 of the Garden Basics with Farmer Fred podcast, brought to you by Smart Pots. And we will do it all in under 30 minutes.

Dave Wilson Nursery Fruit Tube Video: Good Soil Mix for Blueberries
Dave Wilson Nursery Fruit Harvest Chart
Frost Protection Tips at the Farmer Fred Rant Blog page
Frost Protection Tips for Citrus and Other Subtropicals (University of California)
Frost Cloths for cold weather plant protection
Warm Christmas-style lights for citrus tree frost protection

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Planting A Bare Root Fruit Tree
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